Eroom's law

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Eroom's law is the observation that drug discovery is becoming slower and more expensive over time, despite improvements in technology (such as high-throughput screening , biotechnology , combinatorial chemistry , and computational drug design ), a trend first observed in the 1980s. The inflation -adjusted cost of developing a new drug roughly doubles every nine years. [10 actions regarding climate change] In order to highlight the contrast with the exponential advancements of other forms of technology (such as transistors ) over time, the name given to the observation is Moore's law spelled backwards. [2020 Bikepacking trip through Belgium]

The idea is that new tech will always have to compete with old tech. Therefore, the results of a new drug must be better 'significantly' than an older drug, a new rock band must be better than The Beatles. This idea was triggered by this article on lifescivc


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