Playbook Entrepreneurship for Academics

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Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Definition and importance of an entrepreneurial mindset in business.
  • Contrast with the typical mindset in academia.

Effectual reasoning

  • Explanation of effectual reasoning and its relevance to entrepreneurship.
  • How it differs from causal reasoning, commonly found in academic research.
  • Practical examples of effectual thinking in business decisions.

Understanding and Accepting the Risk of Failure

  • Statistic overview of startup success and failure rates.
  • Personal reflection: Discussing your own experiences with failure and lessons learned.
  • Addressing the impact of failure on personal life, career, and finances.
  • Strategies for developing resilience and coping with failure.

Resourcefulness and Creativity

  • The role of resourcefulness in entrepreneurship - doing more with less.
  • Creativity in problem-solving: How to foster innovative thinking.
  • Drawing parallels with problem-solving in academic research
    • Comparison between problem-solving in academic research and in business.
    • Examples of how academic research skills can be creatively applied to entrepreneurial challenges.

Adapting Academic Skills for Business Use

  • Identifying transferable skills from academia to entrepreneurship.
  • Practical tips for adapting these skills to a business context.
  • Case studies or examples of academics who successfully transitioned by leveraging their research skills.
    • Risks and Uncertainty
  • Impact on your personal life
    • Time management is hard, no one else will do the work for you, and nothing will ever be complete.

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Steps to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Importance of continuous learning and adaptability.
  • Balancing optimism with realism in business ventures.


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