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My corner on the Internet

This website can be navigated only by following links. There are no "latest articles", nor algorithmically generated suggestions. Some of these links may be the starting point of exploration into my thinking.

  • I am very interested in understanding extracellular vesicles, especially from the perspective of building solutions for researchers within my company Dispertech.
  • Some people call this website a digital garden, and I have reflected about them, but may need to do it more deeply.
  • Perhaps a list of things I've done is interesting, or learn about me.

More elaborated writing

Mi rincón en Internet

Este sitio web puede ser navegado sólo siguiendo links. No hay "últimos artículos", ni sugerencias generadas algorítmicamente. Esta es una lista de artículos que he escrito que pueden disparar alguna curiosidad:

Talk to me

If you are a scientist interested about entrepreneurship, you can Talk to Me. I am making myself available on Friday afternoon to have 1-on-1 chats. If you want to chat about technolgy transfer, setting your own company, what it takes and how the road looks like, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Work in Progress

These are some of the things I am working on now, feel free to comment to expand my knowledge:


These are the other notes that link to this one.

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Aquiles Carattino
Aquiles Carattino
This note you are reading is part of my digital garden. Follow the links to learn more, and remember that these notes evolve over time. After all, this website is not a blog.
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