Carbon Cycle

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In the same way we learn about the water cycle at school, we should start learning about the cycle that carbon follows in our world. However, I'm not sure I can really understand it.

  • Plants absorb carbon dioxide . Is it used by their cells? Do they break CO2 to keep the carbon and that makes wood?
  • Plants die, the carbon they'd captured gets into the soil. Or the wood is chopped.
  • Either burning fossil fuels or burning wood is more or less the same, it is a matter of time scale.
  • CO2 is released to the atmosphere by natural means and human activity such as burning.
  • The cycle re-starts

Are plants the biggest absorbents of CO2? What about water? Can CO2 diffuse into the oceans? And bacteria or other single-cell organisms?

When a tree dies, isn't all the carbon captured released again to the atmosphere? What prevents it? Are the roots of trees actually pushing carbon to the soil during the lifetime of a tree?

Does a tree capture more carbon than its own weight?

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