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I finished watching Dark a couple of days ago. It is a German series produced by Netflix , that was advertised as the German version of Stranger Things . The core of the show is that there is a group of people who can travel through time (both to the past and the future). It starts with an accident (a kid disappears), and it evolves to a plot with mysterious characters with agendas that are never clear.

Compared to Stranger Things , it is very interesting to pay attention to the gender roles in Dark . They are radically different, most main characters are women (Claudia, Martha, Katharina), and only hysterical/slightly stupid ones are men (Bartosz, Jonas, etc.)

Overall, I liked the show. There are no doubts that they put a lot of thought to the plot. Each time travel triggers changes to the present/future. The core argument that the show presents is that it does not really matter if you travel to the past, everything will be as it always has. This argument makes the show to go in circles during season 2. The future self of some characters appear, and things get more mysterious.

Fortunately, season 3 is the last season, and everything is explained and closed. You finally understand what triggered what, who is who, and how the characters can leave the conundrum. I like when series are self-contained, explain their plot and give it an end. However, when the plot is so complex and it even tries to give a realistic sense to time traveling, there is little chance that it will actually make sense.

Possible spoilers below here

The entire plot is resolved by traveling to a given moment in time and preventing the first time travel. To achieve this, Claudia finds out that there is a moment in space-time where things can actually change course and break the circle. Apparently, Eva also knew about this position, and was using it to generate alternating timelines, which are the ones we are presented with.

Claudia suggests that she remembers the thousands of loops, which means that somehow she is above the overall cycle. Presumably Eva also is beyond the limits of the other characters, while Adam is the naive guy. However, Claudia can't really solve the problem, it must be Jonas and Martha who travel to that spot.


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