Digital learning tools based on the luhman method

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Luhmann method feels like a natural way of working, especially for people who aim at lifelong learning. After all, the idea is to achieve low friction working by tuning our workflow to how our mind works. This, however, happens once we are independent enough to develop our own methods. At an early age, the learning process is highly guided.

What digital possibilities could enhanced the learning outcome leveraging the workflow of academics, researchers, "grown ups"?

For example, bullet journaling seems to be an efficient way of offloading tasks from our minds so that we can focus. Could children use that approach or their minds are jumping from one thing to another to render it unusable?

Could we use spaced repetition in parallel with different students in one class (and possibly in front of only one teacher?) (see: educational tools based on the ideas of spaced repetition)

And, Luhmann method itself, can be somehow valuable for students? I know I was instructed to underline the text as a way of summarizing its content, but was never encouraged to actually write about what I thought and learned. The biggest challenge would be how to incentivize students to get on with it (and to what end).

Digital or Analog

Many of the ideas can be easily adapted to work on purely analog supports (pen and paper). However, from the perspective of a teacher, some things can be much simpler to parallelize digitally, therefore achieving a situation of low friction teaching.

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