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🕵🏼 Google reminded me today that I had a couple of abandoned blogger websites. I followed the link, and was transported back to 2005 myself.

At the beginning it was fun, remembering about some trips, or how the internet was back then. But then it stroke me, I had access to something extremely valuable: my older self. And all it took was spending some time writing down after a trip, going to the movies, or failing an exam.

It was not a big revelation on my life, most was mundane things. But it showed me how powerful it can be to write things down.

I started relatively recently to systematically journal. I also started to write down meetings in the same notebooks and not in scattered pieces of paper.

I don't go through them all the time. Once in a while, however, I decide to check whether I left any open loops in the past. Perhaps I find an idea I haven't pursued, a promise to myself not to do something again (and failing at it).

Writing, especially by hand, allows me to slow down. It forces me to focus or I won't understand my handwriting later on.


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