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🤔 One of my biggest mistakes was thinking that I should focus on the next investment round rather than on understanding my customers.

🍾 We are used to seeing accolades when a company closes an investment round, but we are much less used to seeing celebrations when they sell their 50th product.

It seems that as soon as a company is established, a ticking clock starts running: money will finish. It creates a frenzy to check the boxes to unlock the next batch of money. In many cases we focus on IP development, hiring, marginally improving our products.

But the only thing that will make a business succeed is finding product-market-fit. And product-market-fit means surpassing your customers expectations.

The more you talk to people, the more you expose your solution, the more you are going to learn.

🙈 It takes a lot of courage. Showing your prototype around exposes you to failure, criticism, disappointment.

Believing in yourself, your solution, and your team is the best thing you can do. At every stage of the way. Talk to people, sell them your vision. If they don't buy in, you need to find new ideas, new perspectives to pursue.

If you want to learn what it takes to get a scientific company off the ground, join the Scipreneur community.


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