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❓Does science need entrepreneurship? Or said differently, do scientists need to become founders?

These are interesting questions with very nuanced answers.

One way of translating research into impactful outcomes for society is to build products and services based on scientific results.

But someone needs to take care of the process, which is lengthy, uncertain, and risky.

Sometimes researchers themselves are the only ones who understand the potential of their developments, and have the vision on how to make their ideas a success.

Sometimes, research results are too immature for larger companies to see the appeal. From a promising molecule to an approved drug there are many steps involved. Not just regulatory, also production, formulation, dosage. Or the jump from a new physics technique to an instrument valuable in different contexts.

Becoming entrepreneurs is an individual choice. Creating a context that fosters entrepreneurial thinking is a collective effort.

I believe science needs a healthy dose of entrepreneurs to raise the impact of research programs. I also believe the system of rewards needs to change to stimulate a healthy and virtuous cycle.


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