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🛟 Building trust in startups is challenging, but a key asset both for the team and business development. It requires benevolence, ability, and integrity.

To create trust within a team, members must show they don't act only on their self-interest (benevolence). They should show that they are competent in the tasks they are required to perform (ability), and that they stick to a common set of beliefs and practices (integrity).

Trust appears at different levels: trust in a leader, trust on a colleague, trust in an institution.

A startup must also strive to create trust in it and its products. Focusing on the three pillars can guide a clear direction for marketing and business development.

Your messaging can focus on solving people's problems (benevolence), you can leverage customer testimonies (ability), and show what you stand behind (integrity).

Establishing trust internally is necessary to work together towards a common goal. Establishing trust in the face of customers takes time, but is equally important.


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