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🗣️ Talking to people is the core activity for every founder who is getting started. But it can be insanely hard to overcome the fear of rejection, this is what I've learned:

  1. It's never too early to talk to someone. You don't need a product on the table to have a chat. Especially when you put the other on the spotlight.
  2. You are not the product. Even if you are building on your ideas and your research, never take feedback personally.
  3. Expect many more no's than yes's. Many people who seemed interest at the beginning, were just being polite. Learn about the no's, but focus on the yes's.
  4. Indifference is devastating. Some people will never reply to your emails, even if they promised it. Again, outsource the frustration to the product, not yourself.
  5. There is nothing to lose. Once you embrace the previous 3 points, there's only upside in reaching out and talking to people.
  6. It is fun and you learn a lot. Talking to people is how I learned the most. I learned about their challenges, the fields they work in, their rivalries.

If you are reaching out, what are your strategies?


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