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🏋🏻‍♂️ What skills do you need to become an entrepreneur? NONE. You don't need extra skills, you just need to have the drive to get started.

I have seen many discussions about "teaching entrepreneurship to scientists". Although valuable in many aspects, they mostly miss the point. Entrepreneurship is a practice, not a collection of skills.

You can't be a "theoretical entrepreneur", you need practice, probably fail, and try again.

If you ask me what is the largest roadblock for a researcher who wants to become a #scipreneur, I would say believing they need to learn new skills before starting.

Most of the things you need to understand can be explained in a few minutes. It is only in the execution of the ideas where real challenges appear.

A "bottom up market analysis" is a trivial concept for almost any scientist. How to refine the idea of "market" is a subtle discussion that comes with practice, not with endless teaching.

Getting started is the hardest, and we find solace in the "first I need to learn, then I can execute".

If you are going through the process of getting started, what are your largest challenges?


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