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There are two types of startup founders: 🤑 Rich and 🤴🏼Kings. The first prioritize money over control, while the latter want to stay on top of the company development.

There is no right or wrong, it's two different styles that will create different tensions across the founding team.

There are some cases (like Bill Gates) that managed to become rich kings, but they are the outliers.

The majority of founders align with one or the other strategy for their company.

Becoming "rich", or "king" is associated to what decisions are prioritized.

A longer-term plan at a delayed return.

A quicker exit at a higher valuation.

If you have to pick one, king or rich, which one would you pick?

-- These ideas are very nicely discussed in "The Founders Dilemmas", a book I strongly recommend to any founder, regardless of their experience.

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