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­čÄČ Ever felt overwhelmed about starting a venture at the intersection of science and technology?

The path of a #scipreneur is uncharted and filled with questions. But what if I told you that the uncertainty is where the adventure begins?

For me, the uncertainty is what made it compelling, although I didn't know it since the get-go. There are no set paths, just a broad understanding of what can make your product a success or a failure.

The lack of information will be solved over time, as universities introduce courses and incubators improve the information they give to young entrepreneurs. However, there's a lot of missed opportunities.

One significant gap in our ecosystem is the lack of a tight-knit community. Imagine the impact if universities and incubators not only shared knowledge but also fostered a network where experiences and strategies are exchanged freely.

Seizing opportunities, however, is not something that will be black and white and written on an entrepreneurial book.

From securing grants to bootstrapping or finding that niche market that instantly embraces your innovationÔÇöthe journey to success is anything but linear. It's a mix of strategy, luck, and the collective strength of your network and team.

Getting started is always the hardest.

  • How crucial are patents?
  • What are the implications of sharing your ideas early on?
  • How to navigate equity and investment?
  • When and how to seek funding?
  • Evaluating the market size and your idea's viability?

The array of questions is endless, each adding a layer of complexity to the decision-making process.

Your Guide Through the Maze

I'm compiling a playbook tailored for aspiring scipreneurs like you, designed to address these very questions and more. This resource aims to demystify the initial steps, offering clarity and direction to help you start your venture with confidence.

­čîč Let's Connect and Collaborate

Have you faced these questions head-on? What challenges and victories have shaped your journey? Share your story in the comments, or reach out if you're curious about the playbook. Together, we can build a roadmap that empowers the next generation of scipreneurs.

Drop a comment for a sneak preview or to share your insights and questions. Let's pave the way for innovation, together.


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