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🤔 I am a strong believer that there's nothing I can't learn. That's an attitude that has been engrained in me since early in my studies. A mindset that I've carried along into my professional path.

It is a pattern I have seen in many people around me (normally those with whom I get along better), people who strive to keep learning, thinking nothing is impossible to understand.

But for #scipreneurs it's important to learn the fine balance between learning and executing. Although there is, perhaps, a balance in which the execution itself leads to learning new things, it's easy to get entangled in rabbit holes.

Even if today I don't have the same learning stamina (nor concentration ability) I had 20 years ago, I like believing I got better at identifying what is important.

I like believing I got more efficient at learning.

My sister used to have a quote printed on her notebook: "I didn't know it was impossible, so I went ahead and did it."

That's an attitude present in some people, and mostly in great entrepreneurs. The willingness to try, to believe any problem can be solved.

Before trying, I didn't know I could develop analytical instruments from the ground up. The flow really pushed my boundaries, but I never thought there was something I couldn't learn. Of course, I wouldn't excel at everything, but I would know enough for a rough version and to guide people better suited for the task.

Of course willingness and wishful thinking are not enough. At some point "science" catches up and makes us realize there's a limit we can't move beyond.

I think that may be the largest difference between #deeptech and other types of industries.

While building a website is a matter of spending time on it, #deeptech companies have a broader limit on what can be done.

If there's something I admire of most #scipreneurs is that they parse information at astronomical rates. They understand competition from a deep technical perspective. They separate knowledge gaps from engineering challenges. And they fill those gaps by learning as quickly as possible.

Do you know these fantastic people building companies? Ping them, I would love to hear their stories!

-- 👋 Hi! I'm @Aquiles.

I'm a scientist turned entrepreneur. I share insights on the challenges of #scipreneurship

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