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👔 Have you ever seen founders hopping from one event to another, often leaving little time for their teams and companies? As a founder, it's crucial to stay focused on what matters: your team, your company.

Founders are frequently invited to many events, to give talks, to join panels and more.

It is definitely fun, it's exciting and it gives some sense of achievement and recognition.

However, it's very easy to fall into the trap of loosing sight of what's really important: the company you are building and the team you are leading.

I have seen founders with schedules so packed they barely set foot in the office for weeks. Rushing to keep up with deadlines they've set themselves: they start missing the weekly check-in, the one-on-one meetings. They have no time to sit down and think about strategy, to deliver the value they were meant to bring on board.

At some point, as a founder, you'll need to focus on what aligns with your mission. Are you making anything out of the tech events you join? Or are you there for the dopamine of seeing your photo shared on social media?

As a founder, you get to meet many people. From partners and investors, to potential team members. Yet, the most important people you'll encounter are your customers. They are going to tell you whether you are doing things right or not.

Don't fall into the trap of over committing for low-value events. Be mindful of what needs to be done when.

And enjoy the journey.

-- 👋 Hi! I'm @Aquiles.

I'm a scientist turned entrepreneur. I share insights on the challenges of #scipreneurship

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