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![[DALL·E 2024-05-01 07.58.56 - A visually engaging LinkedIn cover image for a post about becoming a 'scipreneur'. The image features a diverse group of scientists (Asian, Caucasian,.webp]] 🎬 Taking the first step to become a #scipreneur is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

If you are considering valorizing your own research, or that of your group, you have access to an invaluable resource: your network.

A common approach is to build tools and solutions for other scientists. Seize every chance you have to talk about your ideas and how you can help others. Refine your approach based on feedback.

A strong partnership can pave the way for joint grant applications. Explore collaborative funding options for your first prototype, but be mindful of the specific restrictions that may apply. Some grants forbid buying from partners themselves, for example.

One frequent topic I've discussed with founders is how much money they need for their first prototype. It was daunting the first time I had to do it. Balancing the idea of a well equipped lab and an over-specified instrument with a resource-stripped startup setting. Plus the concern of how much margin can you add to an already large BOM.

Building cheaply may not always be the best idea, but building smartly is.

Today you have access to quick and affordable CNC services all over the world. With a bit of creativity, 3D printing and laser cutting can bring you very far.

The first step is daring.

Once you dare to do things, you'll discover where the limits are, and what resources you need, and where the balance lies. Having a tangible prototype makes it easier to maintain momentum, accelerate learning, and tackle more complex business scenarios.

Remember, the journey will never be linear.

If you have an idea, I’d be delighted to discuss it further with you.

-- 👋 Hi! I'm @Aquiles.

I'm a scientist turned entrepreneur. I share insights on the challenges of #scipreneurship

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