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📆 Two simple rules before accepting yet another meeting or speaking commitment: ask yourself WHY you are doing it and WHAT you will get from it.

Founders get invited to an endless stream of events. From speaking at meetings, to showcasing their companies to university students.

Getting all this exposure can be exhilarating, but it can also start damaging your business and your team before you even realize it.

Have you created a company to give talks at events or to deliver value to your customers? Many CEO's get lost in between. They think their job is to get media attention, accolades, a healthy Twitter following. After all, we are constantly exposed to Elon's adventures.

But the role of the CEO is to be an enabler, to support the team, to drive the business by identifying opportunities, and navigating obstacles.

Asking why and what you'll get before accepting are the two simplest things you can do to optimize your limited time availability.

What strategies do you have to say 'no' to the invitations you receive?

-- 👋 Hi! I'm @Aquiles.

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