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🗽 Misconception 6: You need to de-risk in the lab before creating a company.

De-risking always helps (increases value, lowers uncertainty) but the academic lab may not be the best place to do it.

Labs have other focuses, and very special power dynamics. 'One more paper' may not be in the startup's best interests. 'One more experiment' may not align with a startup goals.

The biggest risk a sci-startup faces is not regarding its technology. The largest uncertainty is regarding its users and customers. What do people need that they currently don't have? Why would they buy your tool? How much will they pay?

Starting a scipreneurial journey is not easy. Staying in the lab is comforting. But it can make more harm than good.

If you can leverage the lab's infrastructure to build an minimum viable product, or initial offering, then go for it.

Just be sure you are not delaying beyond what it's reasonable just because you are in a comfortable position.


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