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šŸ—½Misconception 7: A PhD or a Postdoc is not a good CEO for a science startup.

At the beginning of a company, there's no much difference between building and managing.

There's too much to do and everyone should be able (and expected) to pitch in and learn from each other.

Scientists can learn as they move forward, and the appropriate mentors can have a gigantic impact.

Focusing in finding a "professional CEO" can be a waste of resources.

Before understanding what the product is, who the market is, what is the identity of the company, a CEO will not have much to do.

It's much better to have a tight team with common a common vision and objectives (even if they take care of different things).

What a young company needs is people with drive, with high risk tolerance, and who can work in uncertain scenarios.

You don't need to find someone with 20 years of corporate experience to be the CEO of a 2-people team.

You don't need someone to tell you what to do.

You just need to start.


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