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🧓🏼 Gray hair has a very significative value for startups: It symbolizes experience, ability, and a network. Startups must balance how much top-heavy or energetic and naive they want to be, and it's not easy.

There is always the risk of falling into being ageist, but I believe a young company needs to be fueled by high-energy people. And chances of finding energy in younger people is larger.

On the other hand, inexperienced operators may fall in traps that only seasoned professionals can perceive and avoid.

Striking a balance in a small startup a delicate act.

People who got used to large corporate environments may struggle to transition to small contexts. No IT support, barely no HR. No support to arrange trips, nor to take calls while busy.

But people who were entrepreneurial in larger corporates are a fantastic asset. They know how to push forward, and they can have a vision on how things can look like down the road. What things to avoid and which ones to pursue.


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