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🥽 I came across the "Center for Humane Technology" through a documentary, and today through a podcast on AI. I cringed when I heard the conclusion: "because of AI we won't know what is reality and what is not".

When a self-appointed tech leader, someone who's worked on the space for many years, reaches such a superficial conclusion, I lose all hope on what the tech bros have been cooking in the valley for so long.

The podcast host, Guy Raz does not go much further when interviewing Tristan Harris. Two bros hanging out and discussing "the big things".

We, as humans, have found ways of condensing reality for a vary long time. We have manipulated its representation in many different levels. From paintings passing some political agenda (how many centuries of white Jesus are there?) to passing mathematical models to interpret phenomena.

Do you honestly believe that photography is an unbiased way of telling a story? Or the video is unbeatable?

The problem are not the tools to invent a story. Photoshop is not the problem. The problem is that we created resonant chambers in which stories can be created without any need to access reality for us to believe it.

Paraphrasing a sentence I never remember accurately: "If I tell you that it's raining, your job as a journalist is not to reproduce my words, but to go out and check!"

Social media (starting with Facebook and passing through YouTube, TickTok, etc.) created a perverse system of incentives.


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