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I bought the course because I fell into the vanity trap of wanting to have more followers on Twitter. It was too expensive (around 70U$) and, as expected, provided very little value.

The entire course can be broken down to just one key concept: there are two types of tweets: giving tweets and asking tweets. Giving tweets are those that generate value in themselves. Asking tweets requires something from your audience, for example, reading my blog post or buying my book. As anybody can guess, there is only so much that you can ask from your audience. Therefore, first, give a lot, then ask a little.

It is an exciting concept, but not a 70U$ idea. The rest of the video is just going around what everybody knows: you need to engage with people to build an audience. You can't just post. You need to actively reply and comment on tweets. So, yes, building an audience comes with time, effort, and engagement. Plus, you need to say something consistently, even grandiloquent.

Something that really annoys me about Daniel Vasallo is that he is constantly bragging about how much money he made selling the course. I feel I was just scammed and proved him right.

He understates how much time he puts into marketing. Of course, it could also be jealousy, I have been creating online content for a while, and I am far from making 100k$ in a couple of days tweeting.


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