Exporting the idea of the free market for innovation

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[[@mazzucato2018The entrepreneurial state: debunking public vs. private sector myths]] argues that there is ample evidence that without state spending, innovation would stagnate. Private companies are not innovators in themselves, but they mostly ride waves initiated by risk-taking state policies.

In that view, exporting ideas that are counter factual is a great approach to keeping other states less competitive. It is a cynical view, but when a powerful country like the United States is in the position of dictating policies abroad (thinking about the Washington Consensus, for example) they may simply act on their best interests.

Perhaps it is rooted in a delusional view of the world, kept alive only by a strong state (US policies after all are closer to european fascism than to latin american populism) supporting long term visions and leaving free players to speak their minds.


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