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Listening to Mike Caulfield's talk1, he evolves the ideas of the garden or the stream, into those of a federated wiki. The idea is working with transclusion between different domains, controlled by different people. The website has a look super similar to Andy Matuschack's notes which probably justifies the latter choice.

Even though the idea seems good in principle, federating a website comes at risks that I believe where not completely explored. Maggie Appleton2 describes the situation quite eloquently:

We can easily imagine transclusions going the way of the public comments section. The 14-year-olds of 4chan might mass-tranclude the introductory paragraph of a New York Times lead story, surrounded by the incendiary lyrics of South Park's 'Uncle Fucka'. In fact that would definitely happen.

This system opens up all the gnarly philosophical questions around control, censorship, community moderation, and "free speech" that the web constantly makes tangible and visceral.

Therefore, there should be a moderation mechanism and a validation mechanism that has yet to be developed. Transclusion works nice withing one's own content, but they will have the same caveats of Web Mentions and Comments. I guess the most important thing is to learn from the past experiences, but I am not sure in which capacity.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckv_CjyKyZY&feature=emb_logo 

  2. https://maggieappleton.com/transcopyright-dreams 


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