GAFA CEO's testify in front of the US Congress

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I didn't have time to check exactly what happened, but I have seen there was little discussion on the news.

Particularly, a column by Marta Peirano in El País 1 makes reference to the need for empowering European citizens with their own tech tools that don't follow the same predatory practices of the US corporations.

ProtonMail has also written a column about this 2 . It has a list of claims by the CEO's of Apple and Google and tries to refute what they say. For example, the fact that the App Store is a market in itself, on which Apple has absolute control. (See: What is the problem with the single app store approach ). It also tackled the issue of privacy, and what Google claims to be a "good approach" to user privacy online .

See also: protonmail takes a stance against apple practices




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