Gut feelings can be used to drive sales

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Provided that is true that decisions are made in the limbic system before we are able to rationalize them[ @sinek2019 Start with why: how great leaders inspire everyone to take action ], then it means that a possible path to selling is by appealing to it. I am not completely sure of which products can actually be marketed appealing to the most basic aspects of the human mind. Simon Sinek suggests that this is what Apple does, but it lacks any form of justification or comparison with other companies. The fact that he can get only one example of a company and then compare to two leaders such as Kennedy and Martin Luther King, makes me feel that all what he writes is 100% bullshit. (See also: The golden circle is a form of manipulation ).

The fact that Sinek tries to justify his (what I presume is) only hypothesis in biology and some neuroscience is again pushing me into believing that he just had an idea and now is trying to build an entire train of thought to justify it. Pretty much like having a product and going around trying to find a problem to solve.


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