Inca Cosmology

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Inca cosmology can be traced back to the Chavín de Huantar [@j.mckimmalville2010]. The presence of huacas can be traced back to that period. They share some common features through millennia. Importantly, the combination of the three worlds of the andean cosmos .

Every known instance of Inca astronomy appears to be associated with huacas and a form of public or private ceremony[@j.mckimmalville2010]. Many buildings are aligned with the sun. For example in Machu Picchu, Torreón: June-solstice, Templo del Cóndor: anti-zenith sunrise, Intimachay: December solstice.

The Huaca of Chankillo may be marking the solar path through a year. The 13 towers are aligned according to the position of sunrises/sunsets along the year.


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