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According to research conducted by interviewing several companies in the context of diversity (foster diversity in companies), the parameter that seems to be repeating is that a learning environment can foster diversity. Although most of the respondents (65%) say they don't work in a diverse environment, of those who do, 14% mention working on a environment that fosters learning, as opposed to 8% in the other group.

Is the difference from 14% to 8% a relevant change? It means that an 8% of the non-diverse companies are still creating a learning environment. Is this enough to argue they have something "in common"?

Context that value learning will also value the individual contributions and varied perspectives, which is completely aligned with what 'diverse' means. In the end, it comes to defining what the culture in a company is, and how can it be tuned by leaders in companies.

To foster a learning environment, managers can lead by example. For example by giving space to showing what people have learned, recognizing those who think outside the box. Reward systems can be tied to innovative activities and outcomes. There can also be room for appropriate risk-taking without fear of reprisal.

In any case, organizations with high organizational performance are tied to learning environments, and if they also foster diversity then both things are good.

What is bad for performance is also bad for diversity.


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