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The author also proposes to follow an open approach to bypass the roles of the TTO (see: open hardware should not be a strategy to overcome licensing). It clearly says:

Sometimes, academics are also prevented from open-sourcing their potentially patentable developments. This is one more reason to work openly from the start of a project and release documentation as the research develops, enabling early collaboration and feedback. With such an approach, there is no point in time at which an institutionally problematic amount of intellectual property is released. The “open from the start” model also avoids the backlog of documentation tasks left for final deadlines.

I find this statement misleading and careless. Bypassing the TTO office is not the proper way to go. Educating the TTO's on the power of open-hardware can be a much more suitable approach. After all, it is within the employers prerogative to decide on licensing, not on the employees.


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