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The idea behind free flow electrophoresis in this paper is the same as always, but the focus is on determining whether it can become a standard tool for pre-processing samples in a biobank (authors work at a biobank in France and Luxembourg).

The paper essentially establishes a protocol to show that by looking at some proteins which are very common in blood plasma, one can gain the certainty of the correct functioning and focus on the other channels.

They also show to a great that their instrument is stable, giving the same results over the course of many months (from june to october 2009). They use something called "Stripe test", which gives stripes on the FFE machine (as in the photo above), and those can be used to check the stability of the system and sample preparation procedures.

The measurement takes around 30min (30min is the residence time), and it can be quickly used as a pre-fractionation method before moving on to downstream proteomic analysis (including Elisa test and Western blot).


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