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  • title: Compact Microscope
  • authors: Achillefs Kapanidis, Bo Jing
  • year: 2016

A compact microscope comprising an enclosure,a support element, a primary optical support element located within the enclosure and supported by the support element, at least one vibration isolating mount between the support element and the primary optical support element, a sample stage supported on the primary optical support element to support a sample, a return optical system to receive returned light from a sample and transmit returned light to a detection apparatus, wherein the return optical system is mounted on the primary optical support element, and wherein the compact microscope comprises at least one of the following elements; a) an objective lens system, the objective lens system being supported on the primary optical support element, an illumination section and an illumination optical system to direct an illumination light beam from the illumination section to the sample stage, and a mirror disposed above the sample stage, the illumination optical system being arranged to direct light through the objective lens system to the mirror; b) a temperature-control system, the temperature control system comprising a temperature control circuit comprising a plurality of fluid-carrying channels within at least one of the enclosure and the primary optical support element; and c) the return optical system being operable to separate returned light into at least a first wavelength band and a second wavelength band, and the detection apparatus comprising an imaging apparatus, the return optical system having a first tube lens to focus returned light in a first wavelength band to a first area of the imaging apparatus and a second tube lens to focus returned light in a second wavelength band to a second area of the imaging apparatus.


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