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One of the challenges I had regarding the implementation of the Luhmann method as described on How to Take Smart Notes - Sönke Ahrens, is that it gives no room to discuss against (or in favor) of what is read.

The book of Sönke Ahrens gives the same status to any input we consume: everything we read can become a note, and we can build knowledge on top of it.

However, this approach creates too many biases. How can we fight confirmation bias? Anything that does not fit our established system of beliefs will not enter our note taking system.

And I have seen the same in everyone else's discussions on notes.

In the same way I am contesting the content of "How to Take Smart Notes" on this note, I may find a different source that explains how to overcome the challenges, but lacks something else.

I am trying to address these challenges by creating a specific type of note called Literature Notes, which are created from single-sources and give me freedom to add personal discussions. They are less atomic than most of my evergreen notes, but they allow me to express my opinion and my own context at the time of writing.


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