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Pasted image 20240529162200.png Particle Metrix is a german company that commercializes the ZetaView, a nanoparticle tracking analysis system very similar to the NanoSight, but with a slightly different implementation on how the sample is introduced into the system.

The product is based on a light sheet microscope and some fluidics that allow for quick sample exchange.

Something that the system does (and I could never understand what's the purpose) is that it allows to measure at different depths within the cuvette. You can even see the system refocusing periodically. Not sure if that's for avoiding surface effects (in which case they could directly measure deeper), or to increase the number of particles studied (in which case they could use flow).

Compared to NanoSight, the standard light-sheet that Particle-Metrix has implemented allows them to work in multi-color. The latest instrument uses several wavelengths (sequentially), and with a bit of luck particles don't move too much, which means you can link them together and make some multi-color experiments.

It's important to remember Limitations of NTA for Extracellular Vesicles measurements.


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