Reactivating past customers

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A potential simple strategy in sales is to reach out to previous customers to offer them a new offer. Especially with subscription products, every customer who has cancelled can be reached out. A re-engagement can lead to a sustained increase in lifetime value of a customer.

For scientific products, there's an extra layer, which is to keep track of users who had no purchasing power (like a PhD or a postdoc) who have moved on with their careers and can now make a decision.

However, most companies can't keep track of this group of people, because they often change places, e-mail, and contact information. Perhaps LinkedIn (or ORCID) can be a good source of truth. However, how can you know who they are on the first place?

Perhaps by creating discussion boards, feature suggestions, contests, technical support? You can incentivize those users to share their personal information with you. In labs, the users rotate (PhD's and Postdocs come and go rather quickly), and technicians may not reach out directly to the company until there's a problem (which will, hopefully, never be the case).

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