Revert to the Last Known Working State

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Initial considerations based on a personal experience at Dispertech

When working on projects for extended periods of time, it may happen that we depart from what was supposed to be the path to our goals. After all, decisions have a compounding effect . Borrowing ideas from version control systems, when we find ourselves in that position, we must return to the last known working state of our path.

This idea works for projects of various nature and also for life in general. The biggest challenge is understanding what points actually belong to the path we want to follow and which ones don't. It is also impossible to go to the past and forget about the relative future trajectory.

However, we can capitalize on whatever it is we have learned in our own process. But it is of utmost importance to clarify what was the first decision that made us depart from what we were expecting. It is likely that this point is much earlier in time than what we anticipated.


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