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Today is a great day, because you decided to take action and start following the scipreneurial path. WELCOME!

As you may guess by now, 7 days is an extremely short time for such a complex process. In these 7 days, I only want to give you a short panorama view of the kind of things you need to start thinking about when becoming an entrepreneur.

The topics discussed in the next 7 days are foundational.

It means that they must be at the core of your journey, and it is important to come back periodically to them.

Without further ado

We are ready to get started, but we will do so tomorrow!

Today, I just wanted to welcome you to the "7-day crash course".

E-mails will be delivered every day except weekends. They all have an introduction on a topic, and a piece of homework, which is mostly thinking and writing down.

Sharing is caring

If you find any piece of advice or discussion useful for someone else, just forward the e-mail.

Or even better, suggest them to sign up for the full series.

Topics: - 1 - Know Yourself - 2 - Find out what you do - 3 - Find out what do you need - 4 - Making lemonade - 5 - Was that a good idea? - 6 - Can you stay motivated - 7 - Moving forward


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