Scipreneurs need someone with whom to build

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Scipreneurs are, by definition, building a business and when they look for a partner, they need to find someone that can help them build (related just by name: Build - Tony Fadell).

I see many scipreneurs that decide to look for someone with experience, but I think scipreneurs don't need someone with business experience. After all, Executives are not effectual reasoners.

It is good to have mentors, advisors, people with whom to discuss. But at the time of partnering, it's important to do it with someone who can build. And I don't mean just building an instrument, I also mean building a company.

The secret, I believe, is to find partners with whom there is enough overlap to work together, and enough complementarity to enrich each other.

When founders are just complementary to each other, without overlap, there's little common ground to work together. What is a business person supposed to do while waiting for the tech person to complete a prototype?

And, on the other hand, what would a purely technical person once the prototype is complete and you need to go out there to sell?


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