Substack Wants to Scoop as Much Information as They Can

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I was hosting my newsletter on Substack because they were the cool new player in that domain. When they released their way of finding newsletters to follow through Twitter I gave it a try and found out this abusive set of permissions:

  • See Tweets from your timeline (including protected Tweets) as well as your Lists and collections.
  • See your Twitter profile information and account settings.
  • See accounts you follow, mute, and block.
  • Follow and unfollow accounts for you.
  • Update your profile and account settings.
  • Post and delete Tweets for you, and engage with Tweets posted by others (Like, un-Like, or reply to a Tweet, Retweet, etc.) for you.
  • Create, manage, and delete Lists and collections for you.
  • Mute, block, and report accounts for you.
  • See your email address.

This was a huge down turn, and a violation of their user privacy online . I don't think their service merits such a degree of access to my data, and ultimately made me decide to cancel my subscription.


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