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I wanted to build the assets for a website as part of the startup process of a django container. To speed it up, I wanted to install the dependencies during the image creation in the same way I was already doing it for the Python dependencies.

The first think I did was moving the files into the container while building the image:

COPY ./yarn.lock /yarn.lock
COPY ./package.json /package.json
RUN yarn install

And I created a start script that would run:

yarn webpack

The problem is that the node_modules folder ended up being a folder above where the project's package.json file was (in the /app directory in the container). I couldn't find a way of telling yarn where to look for the modules, so I had to force the proper webpack to run, by updated the start script to:

/node_modules/.bin/webpack --mode=production

The full example code is in this pull request.

Tags: #docker #yarn #building-assets #build-automation


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