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There are many resources in the world that are managed as a community, such as a forest, irrigation systems, water management (the Dutch are a prime example). There are 9 principles that contribute to the proper management of the commons[ @eghbal2020 Working in public: the making and maintenance of open source software ]

  1. Membership boundaries are clearly defined
  2. The rules that govern the commons should match the actual conditions
  3. Those who are affected by these rules can participate in modifying them
  4. Those who monitor the rules are either community members or are accountable to the community, rather than outsiders
  5. Those who violate the rules are subject to graduated sanctions, which vary depending on the seriousness and context of the offense
  6. Conflicts should be resolved withing the community, using low-cost methods
  7. External authorities recognize the right of community members to devise their own institutions
  8. If the commons is part of a larger system, its governing rules are organized into multiple "nested" layers of authority

Check also: Elinor Ostrom, Governing The Commons (1990)


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