The five different types of attention when doing creative work

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There are five different types of attention when people do creative work (may also be that these are universal the six steps to successful writing:[@ahrens2017How to take smart notes: one simple technique to boost writing, learning and thinking: for students, academics and nonfiction book writers]

  • Focused attention, which we can sustained for short periods of time
  • Sustained attention, used for learning, doing, understanding
  • Floating attention
  • Attention for planning
  • Unfocused attention

Except the first two, it is my understanding that the others are poorly supported by the literature.

For creative work in general, we could use different types of attention depending of the task at hand. We could also think it the other way around and do different things depending on the attention we could pay in that particular moment (see: low friction working).

Specifically, we can associate the types of attention to the tasks to write efficiently

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