The role of search engines for scientific marketing

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Search engines can be a great source of traffic for website. However, the timelines to drive traffic are very long and the search results are not on the hands of marketeers. However, it is undoubtful that traffic generated after a search query is of high value. Search engines (i.e. Google) really strive to optimize the results, which means that they are incentivized to bring relevant content to the attention of the user. In turn, this means high value users (because they are genuinely interested) land on the webpages.

In [@ghanadan2016Catalytic Experiences: Persuading Scientists and Clinicianswith Effective Digital Marketing], the painted picture of the strategy around search engine optimization is relatively clear:

Limiting your search engine strategy to merely building equity of the company's offerings, however, foregoes an opportunity to shape the decision-journey of the audience earlier on, before audiences even realize that they need you.

Literature note on Catalytic Experiences - Hamid Ghanadan

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