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I wonder up to which point the responsibility of what the internet has become falls into our hands. When I mean our , I mean the people who can make a decision when building a website , the investors that require certain outcomes , the marketeers that chase and endless optimization rabbit hole .

If we just pay attention to a random website, perhaps the landing page of a future SaaS, even the university page of a research group, chances are they will store plenty of data from us. Recording data became so ubiquitous that the first thing we do when building a website is adding the google tracking script . Our hunger for data allowed Google to permeate the entire web much beyond their own services and products.

What I wonder is when was the last time we asked why . What are we doing with the data we collect and automatically share with other companies. Is it really a vanity metric to keep us engaged with a hobby, are we truly optimizing for a specific outcome ?


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