Podcast I listened in Week 36

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List of podcast episodes I've listen to this week:

  • People I (mostly) Admire : Interview to Mayim Bialik
  • Short Wave : Is space junk cluttering up the final frontier?
    • Hundreds of thousands of debris are floating around, endangering space exploration, safety of astronauts, and the night sky. There are some projects to try to clean up space.
    • There are guidelines on what to do after a satellite finishes its life, but no real enforcement nor regulation. There are satellites with leftover fuel that explode, or that are not taken out of orbit and collide with each other, etc.
  • 99p Invisible:
    • The role of the post to build the US
    • Supermarkets and white label brands . How Carrefour started a trend that worked for periods of crisis but not for economic booms in the US
  • TED Radio hour: Our relationship with water

    • The most interesting discussion is about giving a legal person to water. If a corporation may be a legal entity, why not a lake or a river? In this way they can be protected as if they were a person.
  • El Hilo: Una mancha negra en el Golfo Triste

    • Un derrame de petróleo que pasa 'inadvertido' por el enfoque en la pandemia y un gobierno que no toma acción
  • Hablando con científicos
    • Entrevista a Gustavo Bueno, filósofo, experto en religión. Quizás el episodio más inteligente que jamás haya escuchado. Me dieron ganas de leer sus libros


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