What Is a Blogchain?

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Imagine what would happen if, instead of writing 10k words for an article, you could split it up into smaller containers. Each one with a clear scope. This is not too different from how I started planning my video tutorials : short, stackable pieces of content that can allow the reader to traverse the information in the path they desire.

A blogchain is longform by other means. Containerized longform if you like. A themed blog-within-a-blog, built as a series of short, ideally fixed-length posts (we’re trying to standardize on 300 words as one container size).

Thinking in #blogchains may both help to lower the barrier to writing , and develop into a new way of blogging . However, the examples I've seen up to now, such as Tom Critchlow's seem more in the direction of grouping together posts based on a theme than building a long form article based on containers.


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