Bikepacking trip through Belgium

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The 12 of August 2020 we started a bikepacking trip through Belgium. We had one reason : Taking some days off, maintaining a Covid19 -safe approach. The only real goal was to arrive to La Roche en Ardennes by the 14 of August, since we had a standing reservation. We had no specific destinations, nor time constraints. We did an 18-day trip:

  • Day 1: Sittard to Maastricht
  • Day 2: Maastricht to Esneux
  • Day 3: Esneux to La Roche en Ardennes
  • Day 4: Hiking in Ardennes
  • Day 5: La Roche en Ardennes to Rochefort
  • Day 6: Rochefort to Dinant
  • Day 7: Around Dinant
  • Day 8: Dinant to Chimay
  • Day 9: Chimay to Mons
  • Day 10: Mons to Saint Denijs
  • Day 11: Saint Denijs to Ypres
  • Day 12: Ypres to Koksijde-Bad
  • Day 13: Koksijde-Bad to Sluis
  • Day 14: Resting in Sluis
  • Day 15: Code orange for wind. Round trip to Brugge
  • Day 16: Sluis to Burgh
  • Day 17: Burgh to Kijkduin
  • Day 18: Kijkduin to Amsterdam


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