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The idea of doing a trip on a bicycle, carrying your own luggage. Like backpacking , but on wheels.

  • Advantages over backpacking: You don't rely on external means of transportation. Especially during Covid19 times, this is an advantage. Also, it is a good exercise .
  • Disadvantages over backpacking: The distances covered are much smaller. Traveling 80km in a day is a relatively good distance. This limits the choice of destinations
  • Advantages over traveling by car: Since you move slower, you get the chance to experience landscapes, villages, and situations in a more relaxed and deep way. Much lower carbon footprint .
  • Disadvantages over traveling by car: Makes it harder to plan. Bike paths are not universal, sharing space with cars can be daunting. Distances make small detours not possible (i.e. a 30km detour is a 20 minute drive or a 2 hour ride).


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