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Note how different this sort of meaning making is from what we generally see on today’s web. The excitement here is in building complexity, not reducing it. More importantly note how meaning changes here. We probably know what the tweet would have “meant”, and what a blog post would have “meant”, but meaning here is something different. Instead of building an argument about the issue this attempts to build a model of the issue that can generate new understandings. [@mikecaulfield2015The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral]

Linking together articles, instead of individually sharing them (such as what would happen on Twitter, Facebook, or a blog), builds on the complexity of an argument. It is shifting from the idea of building arguments to building models. This is what Luhmann method proposes by creating links between notes. Even if they are not opposite ideas, I can't but think about the notion of aufhebung when building knowledge through links.

The method for building this complexity is through a digital garden.


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