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In its most fundamental definition, a digital garden is a collection of notes taken on an electronic medium.

Gardening became very entangled with the Zettelkasten method, which was popularized, perhaps, with the book How to Take Smart Notes. Although Luhmann method was born around a static medium such as paper, today we have available other support media, that lead to evergreen notes, i.e. infinitely editable, improvable, and linkable notes.

Editing notes, finding new links and checking the merging structure became known as Tendering a digital garden. Perhaps it's from here that the nickname evolved. See also: leveraging the digital medium for better note taking.

Following the guidelines of the Zettelkasten method, it is worth making it clear that Gardening is not just collecting, but actively finding links between different pieces of knowledge.

This website brings things one step further by Gardening in Public.

Gardens for Inspiration

Some gardens that acted as inspiration while building this website. It is worth mentioning that over time, I simply stopped checking them.

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